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Today I celebrate 45 by making lemonade.  Lemonade?  Why?  In the first half of the year life gave me lemons.  I mean a shitload.  I didn’t want them and tried to give them back. Have you ever done that??  Every time I tried to give them back I got more lemons. Funny how that happens.  I cried a lot.. I didn’t want these lemons!  I didn’t deserve these lemons!  Why was this happening to me?  After a while I decided I could be really bitter about these lemons or I could do the really hard work to figure out how to make the best lemonade I knew how.  I chose better over bitter.

So for months I worked really hard at figuring out how to make the best batch of lemonade.  I called on friends who made lemonade themselves, I read lots of books and finally I just decided enough was enough…let’s fucking do this Sperling!  I squeezed out the bad seeds, I added some sugar and spice, put some ice in to chill me out, and hit up many friends who wanted to taste what I was cooking up.

You know what???!!?  I made the best goddamn lemonade I know.  I dropped over 25lbs of bitterness and negativity.  I have never been healthier mentally, my mini and I made so many amazing memories this summer, and I am filled with gratefulness for my community of friends and family.  So peeps.. if life gives you lemons you never asked for just pause and be present.. try not to struggle with the why?..  just see what kind of lemonade you can make.. you might be surprised on how delicious that shit could taste.  Hit me up if you want to know my recipe.. just know it includes a dash of self love, compassion towards others, humor, positivity, patience and vodka (gluten free of course!).

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