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Our Focus

Sara and Stuart

Oxegen is a People Consulting & Coaching practice rooted in the heart of Silicon Valley. We help entrepreneurs develop high-functioning organizations made strong by leaders and teams who bring their unique strengths, talents, and selves to work every day.

Positive Organizations

We help you build strong, lasting strategies and processes that promote high employee engagement and build a culture of innovation, without compromising the speed and agility that are essential to your competitive edge.

Developing Great Leaders

We believe the manager trumps the brand. Your leaders play key roles in the life and performance of your business. Our Coaching & Training programs help you leverage the best in your leaders and help your leaders draw stellar performances out of their teams.

Catalyzing Strong Teams

Great teams find a deep trust in each other and enjoy a healthy sense of community, engaging the unique strengths and perspectives of everyone on the team. We help you create new teams and revitalize existing teams, accelerating their productivity.

Treating Employees Like People Makes Them Work Like Machines

While at Facebook, Stuart championed the philosophy that people are at their best when they are allowed to access their strengths. Tapping into an employee’s brilliance and allowing them the opportunity to customize their role results in higher performing teams and individuals, longer employee retention, and a greater sense of fulfillment.

Media Highlights

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Why asking job candidates how they overcame failure is the wrong question, according to an ex-Facebook HR exec.

We at Refactor are excited to announce that Sara Sperling is our first Performance Coach-In-Residence.

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