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Let’s face it, most start-ups are founded by incredibly smart people with exciting new ideas. But in the rush to grow, too many fail to pay attention to one of their most important areas of competitive advantage, which is their people. Left unchecked, unhealthy behaviors and counter-productive people strategies can kill a company before it ever had a chance to thrive.

We believe that when it comes to people, the start-up formula is simple: the more you invest in, understand, and care for your people, the more effort and energy they bring to their work, the more successful your company becomes. But you need the right people strategies for the formula to work.

Interim Head of HR

Help start ups with their day to day people issues.

Executive Coaching

Building skill & confidence via a strengths focused process.

Life Line Coaching

On demand coaching for managers and leaders on all current people issues they are having.

Manager Effectiveness

Building both strategy & training to help leverage people leaders to the max.

Leadership Development

Customized Leadership programming that is practical & strengths-focused.

Culture Development

Helping young companies define, launch and manage their cultures.

Scaling Start ups

Advisory service to help you think about your organization.

HR Help for VC Firms

One part executive coach, one part confidante, one part HR advisor, one part performance coach.

New Hire Experience

A powerful jumping-off point in this exciting journey, and one you absolutely have to get right.

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